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Day 30 - 1 non-oily month later!




I wanted to pop in and update as it's my one month anniversary since starting Accutane.

Perhaps there has been some slight improvement. Often times I'll notice slight little whiteheads and the weird thing is they'll be gone by the end of the day. I don't know what's up with that but wanted to make note of that.

Another thing to mention is the recent surge of hot weather Toronto has been having. It was literally raining for what seemed like 4 weeks, and now it's all of a sudden hot and what I know is the onset of our usual muggy weather.

The reason this is relevant is that I currently have no AC in my apartment and I've been sleeping with my balcony door open. So far, it's bearable. But what I find amazing about all of this is that usually I'd be sweating and be gross by the end of the day. Nope! While I get slightly moist, I'd have to say Accutane has really dramatically decreased my oil production.

Take my hair for example. It is very fine, and I could go at the most a full day and a half before it was obvious that it was oily and needed to be washed. So usually I'd wash my hair every other day in the past. But with this hot weather recently, I am SO surprised that it feels as clean and nice as it did the first day I washed it, and I can honestly say I can go a solid 3-5 days without washing my hair. I think that's AMAZING! Honestly, when I run my hands through it, no oil. Not to mention it feels much thicker now as opposed to before when it was very fine. I like!

Anyway, that is about it, I guess I'll be taking a picture of my face to mark the update somehow, but really I wanted to write about this whole non-oily non-sweating hair observation as I completely love it!



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