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Finally got my new stuffs



First off I'd like to totally recommend the Aveeno face sunblock. It's spf 70 and have vitamins a,c and e in it.

Cons-- runny if you've just washed your face and have water on it still.

expensive (but I'm a shoplifter so..... lol)

Ok so i went out and bought the aveeno sunblock face lotion, a zinc oxide sunblock thats more water resistant so i have when i go swimming this summer (it's really cheap and i like it more than the aveeno but it's only spf 55 and doesn't have vitamins so i'm still going to use the aveeno on my face)

I also got..... calamine lotion, tea tree oil, a vitamin e stick, and witch hazel (14% alcohol from freds)

I'm not so sure about the calamine lotion, i doubt i'll use it that much, but it did get rid of alot of the oil on my face when i used it as a mask.

I'm trying the whole "make you own stuff" stuff. I take an old pump bottle of my purpose soap, and half of that i fill with really concentrated green tea ( little water) and add 3 caps of witch hazel, and 1/2 cap of tea tree oil. I'm only putting it on at night, idk if i'll use it in the morning because its kinda smelly haha. I havn't moisturized after it yet, because its not drying my skin that much, and i want to see what it's doing by its self.

ok peace out i'll post again tomorrow night about how my skin is doing and which products i'm using and not using. :cool: