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Day 15-18 B-day weekend!



Sorry! it was my birthday weekend... so was too tired to post... jejeje but here it goes...

I started the 60mg/ day dose... ( I take 80 one day and 40 the next)... well... what can I say..

I'm breaking out :wacko: big cystic pimples I have to small cystic on my forehead since friday, one on my chin, two on my cheek and a HUGE one on my hairline! all of them except for the one on my hairline are kind of small and non painful some of them already got the white head and popped (all by themselves)... the one on my hairline is PAINFUL! hopefully they will all go away soon... how long does this first IB last??????

On another note, my face is NOT oily :cool: this is awesome news for me.. I used to have ultra oily skin... very hopeless oily.... but now no shine the WHOLE day! I LOVE it! I am happy with that and I think that does keeps me from concentrating on the horrible zits I have...

So because of all the liver issues that this POISON brings, I've been trying to stay away from alcohol (I'm a social drinker). But this was my birthday weekend... so.... oh well... I went wine tasting, I had a whole bottle of champagne with my boyfriend, and a beer today... oh well... I'll try to be good... last thing I need is my doctor telling me that I need to be off the pill because of my liver...

Oh yea... I forgot to take my pill sunday nite :( oh well... I didn't catch up I'm just pretending I took it LOL

My scalp is dry! and it itches... any suggestions????? it looks like dandruff at times... suggestions please???????????

Everything else is good.... I have actually been walking a lot more than before and hiking and walking up the hill a lot more (I live in san francisco so imagine the steep hills)... but no physical side effects for now... I hope it stays that way...


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