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Oh dear, how long has it been?



I'M A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Well its summer but technically I'm one since the old seniors graduated. Anyways, lets see, I started the regimen sometime in January 2010...the 13th I think, I remember being amused by it because I didn't notice I had started on such a controversial number. Well if that is the case I've been on the regimen for a year and four months and 17 days. Crazy I know! So for all you guys and gals out there thinking about trying the regimen, remember 3 months WILL pass....fairly quickly too. Three months is a pretty short period of time in comparison to everything else. Thats less than a school semester. Well anyways, my skin has been clear for so long I forgot what it was like to have acne.

Even with acne gone though, a new problem has arisen. I started AHA+ a couple nights ago again in an attempt to banish this incredible amount of flakiness I have. Its not enough to be a cosmetic issue, as in you can't really see it most of the time (later in the day it gets more prominent) but whenever I lay my head on my boyfriend's shoulder (yes I'm still with the same one from the last post) it leaves residue. He doesn't care thankfully but its still embarrassing! Gah. They don't come off easy when you try to brush them off either, and they're VERY visible, at least after you're told they're there. I'd rather have that issue then acne though. Hopefully my persistence in AHA+ as a nightly moisturizer and the use of jojoba oil will help exfoliate my skin. I was reluctant to start it as soon as I noticed the problem because the sunscreen I have (which I bought two bottles of..) makes all my flakes ball up and become very prominent (it was made for oily skin I believe), so I get to spend a lot of time using jojoba oil to try and make them come off.

I didn't include this before I don't think...but when I got a physical for track freshmen year and sophomore year there was one irregularity on it that kept me from having a perfect physical. What was it? ACNE. When I went in first semester junior year to get a physical for swimming, guess what? PERFECT. I officially had clear skin, or at least clear enough to where the doctor didn't note it as a prominent issue. WOOHOO! That was definitely a stepping stone. I do still remember the days when I thought it could never clear up. It CAN and it WILL if you are consistent in using the regimen. I almost went on Accutane, and although having to do a three step regimen is a chore and burden on occasion (like at camp when you don't have much time to get ready, or factoring it into life decisions like joining the army band (I wouldn't be able to take it to basic training)) its worth it in the long run. Especially since my back acne started clearing up even though I don't treat it, which means my acne phase may be over sooner than I think (16 going on 17).

Hopefully I check in more to this blog. If any of you have some questions about the regimen, I've been through various problems such as factoring in swimming and running, etc., so feel free to ask something in the comments. I've listed most of my major experiences in the blog too.


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