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Coffee Is Bad



I had a HUGE cup of coffee last week, and my mum warned me that I will pop up in spots. Of course being a teenager I didn't listen to her. So, today when I woke up I found 4 new tiny cycts around my mouth area and a huge one above my lips =,( it is painful to talk and smile.

I did some research on caffeine and found it is bad to dink coffee/coke if you suffer for acne.

The moral of this story is stay away from caffeine, it is easy for me to say because I don't depend on caffeine to make it through the day, but for those of you who do, swap your daily caffeine intake with green tea or jasime tea. They are a better alternative to coffee. You will notice a difference to your skin in a matter of days.

Now I have to deal with these painful spots...

Good Luck