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Thumbs Down to Alvacado Masks



Sooooooo since I've slowly been leaning twards the natural remedies to clear my skin I decided to try the alvacado mask since it...idk... is natural and stuff.

Anyways it wasn't horrible but idk if it's the right thing for me. It seemed like it got rid of ALL the blackheads on my nose and chin and made me feel really clean and tightened my skin, but it was really itchy, and now my skin is pretty red but we'll see how it looks in the morning. Also, I don't want to rely on something that I won't be able to get in the winder, or that costs too much then or whatever, and I'm probably allergic to it because wow this reddness isn't going down.

I read an article that said to mix it with honey and egg whites so I might try that since the honey really works for me and I've never tried egg whites because that thought makes me wanna throw up but whateverr.

uhmm... oh yeah after that movie my skin was really oily but I had no break outs.

Bride's maids was reallllly funny.... my new favorite movie.

I still havnt gone to get new products but I'm almost certain I'll be able to go tomorrow I'll me looking for:

vitamin e oil: to fade scarring

witch hazel: supposed redduce reddness and size of pumps and is a good antibacterial thingy

tea tree oil: dries up zits--kills bacteria ( its the summer so maybe i can just dry them up and not have to pop them and cause more scarring, i think i'll just use that as a spot treatment but we'll see)

uhm uhm.... ok i'll also be looking for vitamins like vitamin a and maybe a vitamin b complex, but i've read some things that they're both pretty dangerous if you take too much so (vitamin a kills you, vitamin b makes you hair fall out)

so... plan A or B. hah...

ohhh!!! and a zinc cream, its supposed to be good for your skin w/o drying your skin or making it oily once you wash it off, but idk how much they cost or if walmart even sells it.

and also a face sunscreen with an spf of 45+ thats non comedogentic, hypoallergentic, and all that stuff.

if you have a good face moisturizer w/ an spf feel free to let me know..i think biore has one i see.. i like my moisturizer but no spf :/

thanks for readingggg


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