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day 8-11 post PDT



Hey Guys! On day 8 after my second PDT treatment I was...STILL RED! BUT (and that's a big BUT), the redness had substantially faded from the initial point. I was still peeling, but not as heavily as the the first 2 days of peeling. I noticed that my blackheads seem to be clearing up (this was an unexpected perk of the treatment). I still had some post hyperpigmentation, but I feel certain that it will fade in time (it faded after 2 weeks after my first round with the PDT).

On day 9, the redness is fading even more (that excited me-not looking like BBQ is always a plus). The peeling was still occurring, however, I decided to pick back up on using my sodium sulfacetamide cleansing cloths twice a day because I was afraid the oil might and acne might return with a vengeance. I also backed off of using lotion--I felt like I was lathering too much on, which in turn could cause more comedones and start the viscous cycle over. I continued to use the vinegar soaks twice a day for 5 minutes and just stayed away from the mirror.

Today is day 11 after treatment, and I continue to be hopeful. The redness is GONE (about time and thank goodness) as well as the peeling (Yay, no more looking like cornflakes!). I have about 4 whiteheads around my chin, however, they are different from the acne I had before...I used to get pretty large cystic bumps in this area that were VERY deep. The ones I have now are very superficial (which makes me hopeful) and can literally be scratched off (could NEVER do this before). I would also like to make note that I had some pretty dark pigmentation from old acne scars left over from December that have completely faded (Big YIPPEEE!!!). I was aware that the treatment could diminish the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scars, however, I thought my scars were significantly deeper than the epidermal layer. I am currently using the sodium sulfacetamide cloths twice a day and clean and clear sensitive skin astringent. I use some aveeno moisturizer when my skin is feeling dry (the clear complexion with salicylic acid) and will continue to use the elta MD SPF 50 sunscreen when going outside. I will continue to update as time goes by. My dermatologist stated that it can take 2 weeks to a month to get a clear indication as to how my skin reacted to the treatment and if the interventions were successful/future planning. I am looking forward to this next month to determine if my skin has come around. If anyone has any comments or questions, I would be happy to help/respond. Have a great holiday and best of luck to all!


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