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Day 142-143 sun burn hell!!!



Can you say HUGE MISTAKE??? I can! I laid out in the sun!!! I thought if I wore 50 SPF I would be ok but I was WRONG!!! My face burned!!! Even putting lotion on felt like my face was on fire!!! :cool:

I have learned my lesson. NO SUN EVER!! ugh!!!!


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do you have light skin or dark skin?I have brown skin (i'm hispanic) so I'm barely on my third week so so far my skin feels like burnt when I'm on the sun but maybe is my imagination.... because when I look in the mirror is the sameI just wanna know what to expect in regards to sun exposure...

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Hi there! I am hispanic as well and my skin is brown....Expect to not be able to get sun at all while on accutane...Your skin will become SUPER sensative and it will BURN! I have never burned in my life and now even if I'm in the car and the sun hits me while I'm driving I burn....It's very annoying, but It will get better once your done your treatment....ALways wear lots of SPF! Hope this helps...and good luck!

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