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Going to see bride's maids :)



Last night right before I went to bed I put on one of those free samples of Aczone. I used it all over my face and I've concluded that I'm not going to experiment with it again.

My forehead is completely clear but after the aczone :cool: i had a few small break outs so I'm definitly not going to try it again

The rest of my face is still clearing up, i had a tiny pimple below my lip but I can easily cover it with makeup.

In three hours I'm going to the movies, and i'm sure i'll be eating popcorn and a soda, and usually it will make my face really oily but we'll see if it makes me break out, and after the movie i'm going to wal-mart or walgreens to look for some products to use to clear up my scars so i'll post later about that :wacko: