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Diet report - [27,5,11]



Sloppy Joe again although first part seemed harder this time. 4 days in a row now.

Diet report for yesterday - [27,5,11]

2 glasses water

Cap of aloe vera

1/2 lemon + 1/2tspn vitamin c powder

Rice pudding - long grain rice, sugar, nutmeg, vanila extract, egg

Friji Cookie Dough Milk shake - 500ml

3 pickles [gerkins]

Sliced green beans

Large serving of mashed potatoes with skins on, butter, mozzarella, pepper, bazil pesto [beetolli brand]

Half Family size Mattesons smoked sausage ~ 190grams

2 Laughing cow processed cheese wedges.

Large serving Rice pudding - long grain rice, sugar, nutmeg, vanila extract, egg

Shouldn't really have had the green beans or a lot of that stuff really. Need to simple things down next few days.

I have worked out how many vit B12 tablets i had and when:

22, 5, 11 Sunday

23, 5, 11 Monday

24, 5, 11 Tuesday

25, 5, 11 Wednesday

Sloppy Joes [Loose bowel movements]

25, 5, 11 Wednesday

26, 5, 11 Thursday

27, 5, 11 Friday

28, 5, 11 Saturday

So if it was the b12 it was either an accumulation or a delayed effect or both.

Maybe it was a combination of the sorbitol in the b12 and fructose from green beans etc.


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