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Day 27 - Picture Update




I finally organized my pictures. The date on my camera was completely off and from 2004, so I had to 'convert' it to the current days. It was only a matter of simple addition so I guess I could have done it sooner, but anyway, without further ado here are my pictures.

For simplicity, I'm only going to post my before pictures (like 1 day before I started) and my current day's pictures. I've got pictures for almost every 2-4 days but just from my personal preference, I don't like an overloaded picture update.

I *think* I see a difference, some slight improvement. If anyone is reading this, PLEASE comment and be completely honest with what you see and think. I'd appreciate a second opinion! :cool:

I also wanted to point out that these were taken virtually in the same spot so that the lighting wouldn't affect the appearance of my acne.

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PICTURES!!! (Sorry I didn't figure out how to post them in-blog, if anyone knows how please let me know!)