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Burning w/ Lotion?



Did my first installment of the Regimen.. took about 20-25 minutes, which I did not mind as I made dinner in between. It may make mornings difficult (to get ready in time for work) but if I have to wake up earlier to combat acne then so be it.

  • The cleanser was.. interesting. I don't feel like it did much of anything, mainly because it didn't feel like my Cetaphil, but I will trust it for now...
  • The treatment felt amazing. It was so easy to smooth on gently, and it felt really great to smooth everywhere on my face. I took extra care to get along my hairline and jawline (where pimples like to creep up on me unsuspectingly). I adore the treatment.
  • The lotion was burny. I don't know why. I didn't mind the color or the feel of it, but it caused some burning when I put it on, and it was intense until about 5 minutes after I put the lotion on, and I can still feel it a little bit now even 20 minutes afterwards. It didn't hurt per say, and it doesn't really bother me, but this formula is not supposed to burn. I suspect my skin may just be getting accustomed to it.

We'll see how things progress!