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Day Uno



Hello all!

I could very well be talking to myself but I am okay with that, I think it will be good to document what is going on with my experience with the Regimen, even if it is only for my uses.

First off! Background information! I am in my late teens but I am married (recently - last December! And it's going awesome!). I'm a religious person but will not go into that - let's just say it helps me be optimistic and balanced in life. I have a small apartment downtown and walk to work everyday, where I am a receptionist. I try to pay close attention to my health, mostly by eating well and getting 10k+ steps a day (I led my whole life as a chubby kid until about 15, when I started caring that I was chubby). I am a lot healthier than I used to be, but still suffer from acne. I'm moderately knowledgeable in health topics, as well as good at math and great at English. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and will always have a love for that language. I play some video games, I was addicted as a kid but have a much healthier perspective of them. I mostly like Nintendo-original games like Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc., and I also like JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) and I'm selective about my RPGs (any other style role playing games). I read a lot, I used to dedicate myself to fiction but I'm branching out into more scientific things - I love to know why things happen and be able to explain them. My entire life I wanted to be a teacher, and while I am not, I still love teaching people what I know. I'm very friendly and love love love idle banter so have at it.

I have been looking at the Regimen and considering it for about 6 months. It convinced me to switch to using Benzoyl Peroxide (BP), but I didn't have a steady job then so I couldn't afford the Regimen. Now I have a great job so I can afford it, and I was previously using Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, which I feel like didn't do much of anything. I mean it kind of helped, but only when I left it on for 20-30 minutes, which didn't feel like it should be healthy but it did clear up my acne a little bit. It also left my face bright red, so... I mainly did it at night.

I think I will ask the message board if I should use the full amount of BP immediately since my skin already has a tolerance to it (I mean what I was using before contained 10% BP! and I never flaked or was embarrassingly red), and I doubt I'll get a reply tonight, so it will be an adventure.

Yes, as mentioned above, I am starting tonight. My supplies arrived today while I was at work and I squealed with glee as I found them at my door when I arrived home. I am really truly excited to try this because I have no doubt it will help me or cure my acne completely. Hopefully I can remain this dedicated to the Regimen throughout it.. Hehehe. Right now, I'd say I have moderate acne when I don't do the whole leave the 10% BP on for 20-30 minutes every night. I know it's hormonal because I am well aware I have high amounts of androgens/testosterone (the 12.25% Mexican I am does not do me well in the hormones dept.). I get all these whiteheads on my face, and blackheads on my back and cheeks, and sometimes the pimples get red and inflamed. My acne is mostly on my cheeks, and I have a heart shaped face, so I have a lot of territory for the pimples to occupy. It's no fun. I haven't went a single day without 4 to 14 pimples since I was maybe 11.

It distresses me. It really does. Which is why Acne.org gives me hope.

Well, at 7:00 PM it's time for the Regimen.


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