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Sloppy Joe three days in a row [diet report - 26,5,11]



Sloppy Joe again this morning. 3 days in a row now. After 3 weeks hard shits. God knows what is going on.

Diet yesterday [26,5,11]

2 glasses water

Cap of aloe vera

1/2 lemon + 1/2tspn vitamin c powder

5 large pancakes made with Gluten free flower, eggs, milk, cinnamin, vanilla extract, sugar.

2 pieces mild cheddar.

2 scopps whey protein powder, tbspn glucose, glass of milk.

2 large jacket potatoes, butter, pepper, mature cheddar cheese.

Couple pieces of pork.

Rice pudding made with long grain rice, sugar, nutmeg, vanila extract, egg

I didn't have the Vit B12 tablet this time to see if it was the suspect. If it is the affect is delayed cause it was a sloppy joe agian as mentioned.

This means either it's the ceasing of yogurt, the after effects of the gastroenteritis ending, the effects of the large serving of sliced green beens.

One possible explanation, probably utter bs, is that i had small intestine bacterial overgrowth and the gastroenteritis wiped this out so i had hard bowel movements as the bacteria [and whatever it was doing to me] was gone. But over the 3 weeks the bacteria was growing until it reached levels high enough to start the loose bowel movements again., or i hate something that fead "them" to siginicant numbers. If this is true does this mean they are now "established"? If so how the fuck do i get rid of them again with some kind of self induced bulimia type shit?

Shit never ends.

Hopefully it was the b12 tablets although it looks unlikely.


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