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My First Post



This is my first post!! I want to help people like myself who suffer from acne =) I started having acne at the age of 11 and I'm 16 now.. still haven't been cured. I am a girl that suffers from moderate acne.

I have tried everything, except for accutane.. I don't want to put myself through 6 months of pain, of blood testing, of side effects, etc, etc. The list goes on! I went doctors and she prescribed antibiotics and retin-A. I completed the 3 month course of antibiotics and my skin cleared, but I started breaking out again... but I'm still currently using retin-A every night. I brought masses and masses of tropical treatment but they all failed to work =(

I'm a shy kid and having acne drags my confident down. I understand the pain acne sufferers feels. Especially if you're in your teens- the most social-able time of your life. I cannot see myself going out and partying, because of my face. Seeing girls with perfect skin makes me sad that, that isn't me. Not having the courage to look people in the eyes because of my face. Wearing lots of make-up to cover up. Refusing to go out, even if its just to the corner shop. Crying and getting frustrated.

I want to take the natural approach to treating my acne and I'm going to take you guys with me ^^ I'm will blog about my experience and let you know the results.

*fingers cross*


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