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Day 21



Things seems to be continuing to improve with one major milestone in particular - I am now on day 8 of not having squeezed these two particularly troublesome pores on my nose that are close together and always have got blocked with deep filaments/balckheads that I always end up having to get rid of because they are so noticeable (in my mind at least). Normally the cycle is 3/4 days, but today is day 8 and I have no urge to attack them because they are just not really there! Woohoo!! This is a major accomplishment for me, never have I gone over a week without having to address these two f*@!ers!

Feeling energetic and mostly my skin is clear, apart from a couple of zits on my jawline that I think could be down to stopping retin-a as my skin is especially thick there and also there is a fair bit of scarring from a couple of years ago when I had cystic acne due to the mirena coil which totally screwed up my skin for a whole year. I also think that they could be due to being glutened last weekend in a residual way, but they are not particularly sore or inflamed, they are just kind of *there*.

So things still good, not missing biscuits really at all, and am finding alternatives for treats like gluten free coconut cakes and almond and maple syrup pancakes - the good thing is about a restrictive diet is that it makes you figure out alternatives and your cooking becomes more creative and adventurous.