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Day 12



Yesterday I drank 4 cups of tea but today I've not even had one so far as I was late up!

The MASSIVE spot on my chin is finally on it's way out I think, still a huuuuge bump though but at least I didn't pick it! I swear this hot water flannel thing is helping me to not pick, so if anyone is reading maybe give it a try? It gets rid of the whitehead so there's nothing for you to want to pick!

I've still got the 3 bumps on the right side of my face but I might actually not feel tooooo self conscious going out on Sat night (still self conscious though ha!)

I also picked up my acne.org products this morning but haven't had the chance to use them yet. Think I'm going to start on Sunday :cool: I must say I do like the packaging and I'm quite excited to start using them!