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Nearly a year.



I left my acne.org blog because school had started and my skin was super clear! I think I honestly love the winter season besides it's cold weather, since my skin rarely broke out. As summer times approach, my skin has been breaking out badly.. Since the winter time, I almost forgot what it was like to have acne. When the weather warmed up, I have gotten more oily and broken out more. On my right side, I have two painful cysts on my jawline. I have probably never broken out on my jaw line ever but now I have a whitehead there and those cysts. I had a tripod zit that I carefully popped and now it's healing.. I think. ugh, is this going be like last summer all over again? Can someone buy me a Wal-Mart giftcard so I can purchase all the acne gelz4lyf3? :cool: