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accutane! month 4 day 4 ;)



Okay so im continuing to take my 60 mg of accutane every morning with my breakfast and things are looking up atm. My skin has almost fully recovered from my sunburn! (yay) and quicker than i thought! its still a bit red but the soreness is gone. and my arms are still a bit red. but on the brightside my face is looking better :wacko: when i first got my sunburn the other day i got big red blotches on my hands because i have a rash that keeps coming back and is caused by accutane. i just put on lots of aloe and its basically better. i still have two blemishes/bumps on my forehead that hurt a bit and are a little red. i think one may be going away though. (crossing my fingers like no tomorrow hahah) i know this sounds weird but i think that my sun burn actually dried up some of my blemishes because my forehead is looking better, even though it still has some blemishes. i haven't noticed any new spots since starting 60 mg.. i read on another blog that basically the higher the dosage the worse the side effects are. luckily i have yet to experience any new side effects.

atm i am experiencing my sunburn of course loll, dryness on my arms, a little bit of rash still on hands (very minimal now), some sore joints. Im happily surprised that i havent been experiencing any really bad side effects! so im feeling pretty positive;) Tomorrow i am going to go for my blood test! :( im not a fan of needles so not really looking forward to this, also i dont think i can eat for 12-14 hours :cool: something that will be tough. But its part of taking accutane so im totally up for it. ive only gone once before. because i went during the middle of my second month so my doctor said to wait. and my first results turned out great he said.

i think thats it for now



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