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Day 11



Oh my god when I got home after work yesterday & took my makeup off I had the HUGEST whitehead you've ever seen on my chin!!!! I forced myself not to pick it although I really really wanted to!!!!! It was so painful as well. After hot flannelling it the whitehead had gone (it must force it back in or something??) which stopped me from wanting to pick it but it was still a massive red bump. I have to admit I did pick a small other spot that was coming though & then really regretted it afterwards, do I have no willpower?? :wacko: I also 'helped' one of the three scabs off my forehead and although I shouldn't have I'm proud to say I at least left the other two.

I only managed 3 cups of tea yesterday as well GRR, got to try to drink 4 today.

Then this morning the whitehead was back a bit (but not quite as bad) so I just covered it and left the house, phew!

I'm sure the bumps on the right side of my face have gone down slightly (only slightly) aside from three massive spots - one of them being the huuuge whitehead! ha.

If they go down by Saturday I may not feel toooo self conscious going out :cool:


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