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Day 19



My oiliness is gone, but I still have huge cysts on my face, mostly my cheeks. They're painful and always come to a head. I haven't had these big cystular-type zits for a couple years now. The are SO uncomfortable, and you CAN'T hide them. Damn, 3-Dimensional acne.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I started a new diet and I've started applying a mineral foundation in place of a tinted moisturizer. I don't know if either of these things are helping, but this ultra-fiber diet is making me a Macy's Day Parade balloon. Hopefully, I'll lose some weight while on this diet too; I've read that it helps pass fat through your colon, essentially deterring it from the absorption process.

On a higher note, my chest is almost entirely clear. I had a specific keratosis-type dermatitis on my chest, similar to what I still have on my arms. I don't know why my face, back and arms are still so bad, but I'm sure it will start getting better in the coming couple of weeks.

Still no job. I'll need to submit some more applications Friday; maybe someone will want me.