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3rd/ 4th week



Hey, sorry i didn't write last week. it was my birthday, got a bit hectic there.

Although, I should mention that 3rd week(birthday week), my skin became very VERY dry. Not sure if this is my skin adjusting to me using BP again or if it's just the winter air drying me up, but I'm keeping up my fluids and the flaxseed oil so it's under control now.

Skin is looking average so far. To be positive, I guess it hasn't gotten worse at all, and my parents seemed to think it was looking better (wishful thinking?). I've got to go to the doctor this week sometime, so I'm thinking I'll ask her about the dermatologist and what my options are there. Not to say I'll quit this regime or that I've given up on it, drinking all these flaxseed smoothies makes me feel awesome :cool:

exams coming up, here's hoping that the stress doesn't freak out my skin. sigh.

Sophie xx