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Now you know my history....



... a little of what is in my present.....

I am currently on Day 70 (week 10) of accutane and TBH it really is starting to get my down now!

Im close to the point of 'quitting time' which I hoped I wouldn't get too.

My skin is getting to that stage where it looks like it is suffering. Ive loads of little read marks from previous spots that look like what I can only describe as sores on my face, and a not so nice little cluster of white heads on my right hand chin/jaw line mixed in with some spots, mixed with lots of little bumps, combined with some nice bright pink dry patches where previous larger spots have been. NICE!

I seem to be breaking out an awful lot on my jaw line - The spots on the jawline seem to be really deep and just in general nasty spots that I can actually feel on my face; where previous too taken acutane I never really suffered from spots there (most have been on chin, head, and lip area).

My skin seems to be at its worst atm than it has ever been! I don't know if this is what other people have experienced? or had something similar?