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Day 59



I've increased the accutane to 20mg a day. I notice that my skin has gotten a little more sensitive. I was doing threading instead of waxing but my dermatologist said it would be okay to wax. He was wrong. I did my eyebrows and it turned red and started to flake off. I guess I'll have to do threading instead. My skin isn't really dry but my lips flake off a little bit. When I initially started the accutane I felt a little off and agitated but it went away after a while. My depression hasn't got worse because of the accutane. I still get acne but it seems to be settling down a little bit more. The scar on the tip of my nose has good days and bad days but the general trend is that it is getting better so I'm trying to stay positive. Light at the end of the tunnel. If you're struggling with acne, there is hope. Some acne scars actually heal over time. It's hard to be patient sometimes and maybe we see our flaws much more magnified then other people. In school, I know people in my class that have acne scars and they are the most confident people. Outgoing and always laughing. It's inspiring to me. There was someone I know who has acne scars blurted out spontaneously: "I love myself". That has stayed with me and is making me love myself as well.