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Changes to WEIRD SHIT



Today i had a sloppy joe type bowel movement [WEIRD SHIT] for the first time in 3 weeks.

Strangely disappointing.

This may be a one off or there may be significance to it.

For 3 weeks i had hard, solid shits, the type i cannot remember ever having.

Diet 23, 5 , 11

2 glasses water.

capful of aloe vera juice.

Whole lemon and 1/2 tspn vitamin c powder.

2 muller rices

large piece of cake made with gluten free flour.

2 scoops whey protein powder with glucose and small glass of milk.

Raw carrot.

2 pieces of celery.

~ 10 olives

Large serving of meat loaf made with 65%beef 35% pork mince, couple of eggs, corn flour, hebrs, slat, pepper.

vitamin b12 tablet - contained sorbitol and other shit

My diet yesterday [24, 5, 11] was:

2 glasses water.

capful of aloe vera juice.

half lemon and half tspn vitamin c powder.

Plain muller rice.

4 egg omlette with mature cheese.

piece of mild cheddar cheese.

2 pieces of cellery.

very large plate of mainly sweetcorn and sliced green beens with some peas, with butter and cheese.

Small piece of meat loaf.

500ml banana Frigi milkshake.

large serving of rice pudding made with egg.

vitamin b12 tablet - contained sorbitol and other shit

Possible reasons for sloppy joe / change in shit

  • Ceasing of Yogurt consumption on 22 May 2011 [three days ago] maybe yogurt and hence maybe probiotics were playing a role in hard shits and lack of sloppy shits.
  • Started taking b12 tablets 3 days ago which contain sorbitol, manitol and other shit. Tookthe gamble maybe it didnt pay off. These type of "sugars" are implicated in fructose malabsorbtion.
  • Started having lemons in the morning again about 5 days/week ago
  • Green beans - although i have been having some sweetcorn and peas and still having hard shits i havent really had anything like green beans with weeks - could be the fructose connection.
  • Accumulation of increased fructose/fructans consumption and hence malabsorbtion.
  • None of the above - something compeltley unrelated.

Other points of significance:

- Continue to feel terrible - kind of run down. Stuffed nose and sinus headache - general lack of energy - malaise.

This may be related to change in bowel movements.

What is even weirder is that if the sloppier bowel movement is down to increased fructose consumption why was the yogurt not doing the same thing as probiotics usually affect me and are probitoics are implicated in fructose malabsorbtion.

GOD KNOWS cause i certainlyt dont.

Maybe i am jumping to conclusions - i will reduce frutose and see what happens - then pointing of finegr will move to b12 supplements.


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