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Day 139 - on Accutane SO HAPPY!



Let me see what can I say? oh yes! I'm still clear! :dance:

I wore my hair completly back today away from my face....and I feel great about it....Not self councious at all. There's no pimples to hide....no cyst....nothing....Just clear skin and it looks so pretty...I could cry with happiness! :cool:

I'm not sure why people get depressed on accutane, but for me it has been only a joyfull experience once my face cleared.... :( Which took a while for me (not till the end of mounth 4). But since then it's been so amazing!

Side effects - are practaclly non existent (thank goodness) :wacko: I did have a rough patch at the beginning of month 5 but that's all under control now....I just feel amazing!

For those in the acne world who are on accutane and are still struggling through the brake outs...HOLD ON! It will get better and your face will get CLEAR! PROMISE! It just takes time....Remember it took years for your acne to get as bad as it is....and it will take a couple of mounths for it to clear!

STAY STRONG! And have faith that it will get better! :(


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