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A little about me :D




HABO = (My) Health And Beauty Outlook... basically it is my outlook on how health products and beauty products can go hand in hand to give you great skin!

A little snippet about me:

I'm 22 and a nursing student about to go into my last year (yay!). My ultimate goal is to be a part of an skincare clinic (like Face Reality in California) that concentrates on the treatment of acne or a dermatology office. I'm a poor college student but I do splurge on skincare and haircare products. You can ask my boyfriend about how much time I spend online looking at research articles, product reviews and buying an entire haul only to send most of them back! I'm sure the post-man enjoys delivering 5 packages to my apartment every week from dermstore! ahem..

I'm an ingredient junkie! Everytime I go grocery shopping I look at ingredients. Everytime I go shopping for skincare products I look at ingredients. Ingredients are important, people! You can buy a facial cleanser worth $50 only to realize that their ingredients are not up to par, and that you could have easily gotten something worth much less with far better formulations!

Acne history?

Yes! And big time. I had horrible cystic acne since I was 14 or 15 that pretty much scarred me emotionally. A few years was enough, and after multiple visits and treatments to the dermatologist, she finally decided I was at a lost cause and prescribed me Accutane, the "miracle acne drug". Although my course of Accutane went pretty smoothly and left me with even smoother skin, I do hold some sort of regret to this day. I feel like my acne at the time could have been improved in different ways that I never got to try. Anyway, my skin was flawless for years after Accutane but I recently began to break out again (in the past few years) and my oil glands went on overdrive all of a sudden! However, I'm happy to say that it is somewhat under control again thanks to my new methods (and I was THAT close to going on Accutane again!).

So what's the blog about?

I tend to try certain products that might not be as well known as others. Because of that I haven't been able to find good reviews about those products, which is disappointing because I feel that reviews are really helpful for people when trying to decide whether they want to purchase it or not. So, I'm going to review the products that I use and that I DON'T use to hopefully help others in their decisions. :cool:

I also want to discuss other topics that promote health from within, such as vitamins and nutrition. As a nursing student, I have had the opportunity to really learn about how the body works on a smaller scale, and I feel that that knowledge has really helped me understand how certain vitamins and food work to affect the body! I just want to pass on my knowledge! :wacko: