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Day 6 post PDT treatment- a few questions



Hey Guys! So today is the 6th day after my PDT treatment. I am a little discouraged today because I am still significantly red (BUT it has faded slightly), peeling like a snake, and have a few new bumps to add to the picture. I know I am upset because I had to start school back today, and I resembled corn flakes and BBQ (not a good mix, lol), and it didn't help that I tried to cover up with A TON of makeup. But, nonetheless, I have to remind myself to stay positive and that this treatment is doing what it needs to in order to heal. I am still using the vinegar and water soaks twice a day for 10 minutes and will continue to do so up until day 10. I must admit, I am a little skeptical to use copious/moderate amounts of moisturizer in fear of breaking out. I cannot resume using any salicylic products until after day 10 (and I definitely do not want to irritate my already RED skin), and I have always seemed to be very oily and "clogged" using cetaphil even though it is marketed as noncomedogenic. I have been applying clindamycin phosphate 1% lotion to help with my skin's susceptibility to bacteria, and I apply elta MD sunscreen (SPF 50) when I am going outside. However, sunscreens typically tend to make me break out, and I find it wasteful to use sunscreen if I am planning on staying in my room. For anyone out there who has received a PDT Treatment (or photo facial/ chemical peel/ laser treatment), what did you guys find was the best moisturizer? Did you feel that it was helpful on some days not to use moisturizers to let the skin heal naturally? Also, how long did you guys peel for? Did anyone experience redness for more than a week...or longer? I would appreciate the input GREATLY!!!

Best of Luck to All!!!


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