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Pizza Face.



I'm horrified. Absolutely horrified. I guess it's been just about exactly a month since I've been able to use all three MC products, and my skin is paying dearly. Tiny whiteheads EVERYWHERE. My forehead, my hairline, my jawline, even on the tip of my nose. Last Thursday I went to the MC website to see if I could order a new kit and a box popped up saying they're reformulating their bottles or product or something so shipments are delayed. I guess I'm not the only one to notice the problems with the foam dispenser. So on Thursday I caved and ordered ProActiv. It's supposed to arrive by May 26.

I bought a Groupon for a microdermabrasion and also a facial, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. Due to scheduling conflicts and not much time left until I ship out, I had to schedule the microdermabrasion on June 1 and the facial on June 2! I hope it's okay to get these things done consecutively like that. Depending on how long the ProActiv takes to work they'll probably have to do extractions during my microdermabrasion. My face is always red for a few days after I get extractions, albeit smooth. But I won't be able to use makeup to cover the redness in BCT which I why I wanted to schedule these things with adequate time before I ship out for the redness to subside. Maybe I'll get another facial on June 6. Why not? I'm planning a "spa day" that day anyway to get my eyebrows and nails done, I have the graduation money (not like I need to really save it for anything) and I doubt I'll have any new zits only four days after the groupon facial.

I don't know if I'll really do that, I'm just so frustrated. My skin DOES need some sort of prescribed program. ProActiv doesn't contain any salicylic acid so I'm worried it won't work. I can't believe Max Clarity did this to me with their bottle bullshit. I don't even know what to do with my face now, I'm washing it with something different every night. I'm about to use hand soap, seriously!