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Day 123 - Beginning month 5



First of all I wanna say that now I'm probably starting to clear up for good. I'm pretty well tanned and perhaps that helps all my blemishes to cover. And maybe they really are starting to heal. Yes, I still get occasionally breakouts but I wouldn't rly call that acne anymore. My face is still kinda discoloured.

I gotta say I LOVE that Nivea Soft cream I told about previously. It's the best thing I've ever put on my face while on accutane. Highly recommended for anyone.

And about side effects... Lips are okay, so is my face, but now my vision has gotten sort of blurred, I hope that's because of accutane and it'll get back to normal when I get off this stuff.

Nothing more to say... It's finally starting to do the trick :cool:


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AWESOME! I'm so happy things are clearing up! Question? Are you tanning or laying out?

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Thanks :- Im tanning,.. and im not pretty sure what laying out means :doubt:

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