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Day 22 - Bumps




I just wanted to update quickly that today I woke up with a few noticeable (and quite painful) bumps on my face. I've got one on a cheek, forehead, around my jaw etc.

Also, the breakouts on my back are quite bad, cystic-like. I've even got a breakout on my front shoulder, and on my neck. 2 very unusual and uncommon spots where I normally would break out.

I hope this is my initial breakout brewing! =D


Hey!Thanks for coming and writing on my blog!I have no idea, I do know for a fact that the type of acne that I'm feeling is unlike any of what my typical breakouts have been like, and the places they are happening are unusual too. Also, what was really cool about Accutane for the first 20 days is that I had no new breakouts. Now there is suddenly a change which I hope is the pivotal course of my treatment!Are you breaking out at day 12? I'm assuming you're just on day 12 and nothing yet has happened. If you've come across my recent posts you'll sense I was getting a little impatient, almost worried that nothing was happening. (No, I was definitely worried).People keep telling me that everyone is different on Accutane. There are some lucky bastards who don't break out at all and just 'get clear', and then there are people who break out just into their 3rd day, and some people who have no results after their first 3 months of treatment. My best advice to you is to just take pictures of your face, and try to be aware of anything that might be or feel different. I know around the time I was at day 12 I had a HUGE, I mean HUGEEEE appetite. I would wake up in the morning craving a full on steak with potatoes and grilled vegetables. I would never feel full no matter how much I ate. This has subsided thankfully, as I'm not exercising the first month on Accutane lol.Anyway, please keep me posted. It feels like just yesterday I started! :-

is this the IB? 22 days later??? man! I thought I was free... I am only on day 12..

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I started breaking out maybe after the first 10 days... I'm still breaking out :doubt: some cystic zits some not.. but they dry faster than before... dryness occurred one week in... and it has just gotten worse.... but I'm dealing with it... the oliness in my face is GONE! at least for now :-

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