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Day 18



Well it's been a while since I posted - over a week - but thought I would update. Things are still going well, although I had a bit of glutening over the weekend that I am still recovering from. Red wine of all things, which i now know can contain gluten as they ofetn use it as a fining agent (clears the wine) as well as sealing barrel head with flour paste, so wine is a no no for me from now on, unless I am sure it does not contain any gluten. Will have to source some gluten free brands.

But my skin is still good despite having a rection over the weekend where I got a few sores on my scalp, the pores on my nose filled up - bleugh! - and also by the third day after drinking the wine i got a bit achely in my left arm, alot like the arthritis like aches i was gettin daily before i kicked oats out of my diet. I also got a spot on the side of my nose on Sunday that was one of those painful healess ones that i inevitably squeezed and ended up making worse. I slathered antibiotic cream on it and left it alone though and now it feels like it is going away. So the lesson to be learned is that sources of gluten are everywhere, and also it is probably the case that the more I am off gluten, the more my body is becoming sensitive to it when i do accidentally consume the stuff. When I think back over the weekend to what i ate (because I was away visiting my sister I ended up eating out a bit so there may have been a couple of other sources in there as well, for instance, i had a quinoa and kale salad on the saturday which also had some sweet corn in it, and also a sweet chilli beef salad that looked like it might have been made with corn four) I am pretty sure it was the red wine, as I got a headache the next morning that wasn't a hangover cos I didn't drink enough, and also the night I drank it, when we got back to my sister's flat I felt unusually tired and flaked out on the sofa and was asleep before my 11 year old had gone to bed. And then when I woke up I dodn't feel refreshed at all. That suggests to me that it was the wine, as well as the fact that my skin started reacting the next day.

On the whole though, my skin is breaking out less and less, my pores are still producing less sebum (now that they have settled down from the glutening) and my complexion is more even and the skin looks stronger. All good!


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