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Only 8 days left on Accutane!



Wow! I find it hard to believe that I am almost at the end of this journey. It will seem very unreal to me when I no longer have peeling, chapped lips, dry eyes and joint pain. It has been difficult and annoying, but worth it.

Skin update - very clear facial skin. No pimples for months. A few tiny blackheads. Dry skin that is fragile.

Body skin - dry patches here and there. Was out on a boat on Sunday for a while and did not burn, so I was glad about that.

Weird side effect - I have had several hangnails that have gotten infected, which is extremely odd. They get sore and stay that way. I actually had to have one of my fingers lanced and drained because the infection would not heal. I have never had this happen and I am 47 years old. has anyone else had this type of problem?

My husband continues to have chapped lips and some joint pain. He will finish about a week behind me.