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Gluten for punishment



Gluten free for 3 weeks now.

Completley that is. Probably very limited gluten for 2 months now.

still no difference to skin but WEIRD SHIT continues. Still havent had a sloppy joe and hard shits continue.

Heartburn has got worse but less gas and virtually no bloationg whihc is all very strange indeed.

As of today i am stopping the yogurt so will see if that improves things.

Rice and potatoes seem to give me heartburn but i will continue as i want to see if it is just gluten withdrawal [if it exists] and also i wan to keep grains in my diet so i know any changes arent just removing grains rather than just the gluten.

In general i have felt awful last 2 weeks. Sinus pain and stuffiness that wont seem to go away.

Heartburn after almost every evening meal.

Discomfort/mild pain under the bottom left hand side of rib cage. Either top of stomach or spleen. God knows what it is and if its related to heartburn. Hopefully not an ulcer.

Will give gluten free at least a few more weeks anyway and see if symptoms persist.


After reading a fair bit of your blog, it sounds to me like you've got some form of dysbiosis going on - have you tried colon cleansing with bentonite clay (Terramin is the best) or psyllium? There are other colon cleansers out there, but they are the ones I have experience with. Seems to me that if you are having problems everytime you eat yoghurt it is either the firendly bacteria kicking the bad bacterias' butt somewhat and you having a die off reaction, or you are intolerant to dairy. Do you get the same effect from straight milk?And how about candida - could be an issue maybe? If so, Terrmin clay and natural antifungals are the way forward.Also, the heartburn could be due to an insufficiency of HCL rather than an overabundance as it might seem, as insuffucuency wierdly produces the same symptoms. AVC in water sipped during meals and also Honegar after meals are really good for boosting HCL levels.Just some thoughts.... :-

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Hi, thanks for the input, i've only just notticed your comment as i didn't realise you got them on here, hence the ludicrously late reply.I'm not really sure about colon cleanses to be honest. There is so much conflicting information out there. I think a really bad case of gastroenteritis i had a few weeks ago probably cleansed my bowels as much as is possible, although maybe it doesn't work like that. I always wonder how anything could have been possibly left behind after a week of literally passing water. I need to look up how bacteria survive in the bowels. Maybe i should just try a colon cleanse anyway and see what happens.I have considered Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SIBO) which i think is basically the same as dysbiosis i think and also presents similar symptons to candida. I am really not sure abotu candida, once again so much conflicting information. According to people i have talked to and a lot of what i have read, if you have candida overgrowth is very serious and unless you are very badly immunocompromised it is very unlikely except externally on the human body. - Ie like athletes foot etc. Doesn't mean there is some kind of fungal overgrowth in the intestines i guess.Either way i think the symptons and treatment for both candida and SIBO are basically the same so if it turns out candida is often actually SIBO i guess it makes no difference really.I think SIBO [or candida] are some how beign caused by malabsorbtion of somehting i am eating leading toi undigested food passing through to colon where bacteria go crazy on it and then maybe start moving on up intestines. I just have to try and work out what i'm not digesting properly which is easier said thena done. Apart from the fact i could be completely wrong.I have read that about heartburn as well. Nothing is ever simple lol. I did used to have a shot of vinegar each morning but it didn't seem to do much and also after i started getting this weird feeling below my left ribs started getting a bit paranoid about an ulccer so though i'd better leave it for a while. SAying that i think i will try HCL supplements just to see what happens.I presume lack of HCL is a sympton of something else rather than a condition in itself so although if HCL did solve everythign i suppose i wouldn't really care.cheers.

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