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May 23



Had a great weekend!!!!! (I would like to write all about it, buty this is a journal just about my face)

I had my appoitmente on May 19. Sometimes it's a waste of time and money for such a short visit. Anyways......the good thing is now my next appt. is withing 2 months. My skin is doing a lot better. I still get the occational zit. Right now I have no active pimples, just scarring and red marks...hopefully fading. I'm still using the atralin gel every night or day if I know I'm going to be out of the sun mostly. I have to start putting on my sunblock...I'm just afraid I'm going to break out. Any way, the doc changed my dosage from 150 to 100 since I've been getting my period so often. This one is more like spotting. But it's still annoying. I would like to include the days I've been intimate w/ hubby (May 20) since we don't use any contraceptives (cause of our religion) and I''m afraid of getting pregnant while on the spiro.....just keeping track.