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day 10- need a good sunblock



Today... good day. good mood...

However, I got a new small pimple on my chest that is really red and it hurts when I touch it and another in my forehead near my hairline that is also red and hurts... is small though.. not those cystic ones I had last week... m lips are dry as hell LOL but aquafor lip repair is helping... my sunblock appears to make my face drier :think: so I need to find a new one that does not give me the peeling like appereance... any suggestions? my skin is super oily but getting better so I can't use a supre greasy sunblock.. and the neutrogena whicih used to work GREAT before I started Isotretinoin gives me the peeling like apperance... please suggestions! thanks!

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olay makes really nice ones that usually have moisturizer in them but i feel like they always leave white stuff on my face and thats so embarrassing haha :- my favorite is coppertone's oil free faces one i know this sounds weird because coppertone isnt really a face company but it has never made me break out and it goes on really smoothly and never leaves any residue on my face also i have never noticed it drying my skin its great you should try it :doubt:

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