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Days 6 7 and 8



Ok so I haven't been online over the weekend but just for the record:

Day 6

On Saturday I had a major relapse & picked about 7 spots!! It started with just two white heads but by then I was unstoppable! So after that I started crying cause I was so annoyed at myself and just generally feeling sorry for myself. Boohoo I know right, but I'm sure we've all been there. So then my mum (cos she felt really bad cos I was crying) took a flannel with hot water and cleansed my face with it etc to "draw out the impurities" - she doesn't know if this will work but bless her for trying eh! I dunno that it's gonna work but my face felt sort of.. cleaner afterwords.

Only had two cups of green tea today. Even though it doesn't taste that bad there are definitely things I would rather be drinking!

Day 7

So today I stayed home most of the day to keep my makeup off as long as possible, as this sure can't be helping but there is no way I would dare to venture outside without using any!

After my "cleansing" today I did note that one of the white heads seemed to have gone, so hell maybe it works!

Picked a few pore/spot things on my forehead just before I went to bed (3 to be precise). When will I learn? *sigh*

Had 3 cups of tea today.

Day 8

One more white head today but I am seriously sick of picking! Why is it so hard to resist the urges? I think it's because we believe once we get the gunk out then the spot will heal, but generally with acne that is not the case. I've put 4 sticky notes on my mirror this morning saying things like "Don't Pick" and "Stop Now Before It's Too Late" in the hope that I'll see sense next time I get the urge. I really think I would get less spots if I didn't pick the damned things!!!


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