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I've been working so hard trying to get those cysts to heal. Good news. They are on the road to healing, getting smaller each day. Bad news, I woke up with three new pimples this morning. That did not go well with me. After fighting a panic/depression attack, I have returned about 50% to my optimistic self in thinking I can conquer this.

I missed a day of drinking my clay, but took a big shot of it on an empty stomach this morning. I'm also re-encorporating the acne pills I've taken previously which include tons of acne fighting herbs, minerals and vitamins. These two together should re-align my body and cleanse it, which i believe is a big factor in this war.

I find myself trying a new topical just about every night. I research and find new things that people swear by and want to try them out myself. From calamine lotion to Queen Helene mask to tonight's experiment: Hydrogen peroxide. We'll see how it all looks in the morning. This stuff truly is depressing.