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What I use Currently



Amoxicillin: I can't tell If I take 250 mg a day or 750, because it says "250 mg cap sand" but i take three a day lol.

----This isn't usually used for acne, there isn't even a review for it on acne.org, but I works very well for me. This was the step right before he step to Accutane( also i take prozac for depression so if i were put on accutane i'd probably kill myself), and I'm so happy it worked. Other antibiotics I've used that work are bactrim, and cephilixin, so if those have worked for you maybe Amoxicillin will too but idk.

honey--- I know it's kinda weird, and my grandma always used to tell me that it worked and I didn't believe her but I does really work for me. It's not some $30 dollar a jar of organic honey, its just a three dollar honey i bought from walmart in a little bottle shaped like a bear :think: I <3 it. It makes my skin feel so clean and I 100% believe it makes my skin heal faster, and that it makes my face have an even skin tone.

Vaseline petroleum jelly cream, deep moisture, (creamy formula)--- This is my moisturizer, its non comedogenic, hypo allergenic, and fragrance free. It doesn't make me break out and it doesn't leave my skin oily. I do have oily skin, but it seems like if i apply a moisturizer my skin doesn't feel the need to keep producing more oil throughout the day.

Green tea with lemon juice--- (drinking it) No clue if it works but it's supposed to and i think it's tasty and soothing. It's supposed to be anti inflammatory and...idk other cleansing things that work well with lemon.

Purpose Liquid Cleanser-- Sorta expensive for a soap, but its the only kinda that I trust, oil free, non comedogenic, fragrence free, and soap free. Doesn't dry out my skin, and feels great after I shave.

Makeup-- I know.. I'm a guy but I am always looking for a better concealer. My scars are just so bad I feel like crying when I look into the mirror, but makeup has really helped a lot. I'm not going to write about each individual type of makeup I use but basically I put on my moisturizer, then a green based concealer, and then a liquid foundation ( liquids look 100x more natural than powders just fyi)

My skin is really clearing up from the amoxicillin and honey masks so by the end of May I'm going to be adding more to my skin routine to get rid of my acne scars including:

vitamin E ( to fade scars)

hazel witch oil ( to clean and get rid of reddness)

a better shaving cream that doesn't mess up my skin

---thanks for reading...or skimming :wall: lol


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