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DAY 9 10 and 11



AHHHHHHHH sorry haha i said it wouldnt happen again but it did i got distracted and forgot to blog this weekend lol my bad guys anyway here the update :think:

ACNE- this is so frustrating i have like 4 new bumps since my last post (day 8) when is this going to start getting better grrrr its so annoying sometimes hopefull it wil get better :wall:

SIDE EFFECTS- ok my lips are so chapped now that i need chopstick every 2 mintues literally and my face gets really dry if i use any cleanser besides cetaphil (i tried using purpose) so i just have to be careful

OTHER NOTES- didn't have any more depressed spells so no worries haha i think my expectations were just too high but ive calmed down now and realized that this is going to take some time please just let it enddd:) hahaha