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almost 2 months off meds



So its almost 2 months since i stopped taking Isoraic. I have only had 2 actives in that time. My eyes are back to normal and so is my skin. Not dry anymore, and lips are fine too. My hair and skin is a bit greasier than it was when i was on the med. I actually liked my hair being less greasy. but its not as bad as it was before i went on the med.

So my skin is good but i have so much hyper pigmentation on my cheeks from the old spots. so im still layering on makeup. and wondering how long it will take for these to go away!!

my back is completely clear which is amazing!! it is such a good feeling! i have a few red spots from old ones on my schoulder and chest, but i can live with it. its so much better than it was. i wore an open back shirt today in public for the first time in years! its such a relief!

so im happy but just waiting for these red marks to clear!

any suggestions? ive been using jojoba oil.