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Day 20 - Nadda




This will be just a quick update as I have nothing to really update about. All I've been noticing, or rather feeling, are painful pimples under my skin, but then within a day or two they subside. And the other day I had a giant whitehead and today it's gone. I wonder if my skin is slowly boiling up for it's initial breakout.

But then I've been thinking, and even posted, about this whole IB. Does it really have to happen? Can Accutane cure you without the initial breakout? I guess we'll just wait and see what happens with me. I still have lots of hope with this medication. :think:

I was looking at pictures today from 2 years ago, WOW. My skin literally had volcanoes on it, I really, truly, can't believe my skin was that bad. How the hell did I live with it?! How did my bf even find me attractive?! Compared to now, my skin is a million times better but it's still not clear. Also, it doesn't help that I'm pale as every blemish goes noticed. It was a good reminder that things could be worse!

In other news though my back is having big bad painful breakouts.

That's it for me for now!