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Day 46



So it's been awhile since I last wrote a blog and all I can say is that I am frustrated!!!

First of all, my white blood cell count was down the last time I went to the doctor and he wanted to take me off. Hopefully when I go back again the first week of June it will be okay to stay on.

Secondly, I have noticed accutane makes me a lot more "irritable". I am a lot more sensitive than usual I guess and it sucks. It's not terrible but enough for me to seek outlets to get rid of it. I am going exercising and taking 5htp whenever I feel moody lol.

Third, my skin was doing so great and then all of the sudden last week it got bad again! UGH!!!!!!

I got a breakout on my chest and back as well as like 6 on my face. I keep getting whiteheads on my chin and yesterday there was a huge (still have it) zit on my left cheek. When will my face begin to clear for good??!!?! I am going to post in the accutane forum to see if anyone has had a similar experience and some words of encouragement perhaps cause this is so annoying! Accutane is such a nasty drug but if it will clear my skin I guess all the side effects will be worth it!