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First Week Experience



1st Day: I'm happy the regimen arrived today! My parents think this regimen is a total scam, I hope to prove them wrong!! My family doesn't understand my psychological pain from acne. My skin looks and feels good, but this regimen takes a long time to apply, it makes my pimples look sort of red, I HATE LOOKING at my face. Going to school without any face makeup, this takes courage...

Day 2: Skin is beginning to feel the sting of the BP start, I think I applied too much BP. I didn't goto school with any face makeup today. Time to show the whole school my past scars and acne.... THIS IS TORCHER. It's friday, and I'm not going anywhere but home to wash my effing face.

Day 3: Today REALLY SUCKED. It's saturday, and of course I'm doing nothing but staying home obsessing over my skin. My face burned like crap today. It's stil hurting but i'm not even using the full amount of BP. I keep reminding myself that constantly looking in the mirrror won't make my acne go away.. I just can't wait until my acne is clear. I'm giving this regimen all my time, effort, and energy. I hope it doesn't dissapoint me. this is hell. VERY DEPRESSED.

Day 4: Face is still severley red. Looks like a bad sunburn. my face is hardto move, and I can barley open my mouth to eat like a civilized human being. Mildly itchy face, but stings frequently. Doing better than yesterday, but still.. Not looking forward to facing people at school tmorrow. Oh well, this pain is only temorary but in the future i'll be clear.

My parents still continue thinking this regimen is a total scam, and my mom's even tried convincing me to stop with the regimen. No way, maaammaa, no waaay.

Day 5: I always dread the regimen, but i'm consistent. I really wanted to wear foundation today, but didn't. My face stings and is still red.

Day 6: Redness slowly fading. My acne is improving. Atleast my complexion looks great in dim lights, but at school i'v been avoiding all bathrooms because my skin looks like BS under flouresent lights, that are bright and show every blemish you ever had. My face is still super tight. My face infact is so tight I havn't been able to smile since starting the regimen. It's hard talking to my friends at school because i can't really open my mouth. Everyone thinks there's something wrong with me.

Day 7: Dryness is starting to kick in. My face is STILL sort of redish, but now I have flakes everywhere. This jojoba oil is a lifesaver, but my face is effing dry with it..

This week is coming to an end, and I would classify it as the hardest week of my life. I know this regimen won't work the first week, but I'm sticking with it no matter what.


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