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How Acne Ruins my Life/ About Me



Around school, I've always been known as the pretty girl.. with acne.

I started getting acne around in 8th grade. I'm now at the end of 9th grade, but my acne has just gotten worse. I constantly see my friends and people at schools acne, none of them are as worse as mine. I can't have a fun social life because of my acne. I've missed out on countless dates, hangouts, concerts, parties, dances, because I'm so self-concious of my acne.

Covering my pimples and scars up with gallons of foundation just made my face look like crap under the flouresent lights at school.. I tried pretty much every topical prescribed from my dermatologist and countless other methods, along with pills. I'm beginning to become OBSESSED with my acne. If this acne.org regimen doesn't work, I have no choice but to begg my dermatologist(who doesn't give a crap) to put me on accutane.

Acne= Social Suicide

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I know exactly what you mean, I'm beginning to become obsessed with my acne too, it's all I think about all the time!! It makes you feel like crap and paranoid that everyone is looking at it when they probably don't notice it as much as we think they do :/ or if they do they just accept it. The only problem with that is we don't want to have to "accept" it. Just lately I've been refusing to go out in public until at least 6pm just cause my skins looks so much worse in bright lights :doubt: pathetic huh!& the same about the docs not giving a crap. My acne is brought on by some other medical problem, basically making my hormones go haywire. & when I mentioned that my acne was getting me down he basically just poo-poo-ed the whole thing like there's nothing I can do. Like, gee, thanks!! Rant over :- lol

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