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30/40 pills down for month four.



So since my last entry over a week ago, I haven't seen any new pimples crop up! My skin is almost completely clear. The only issue I have is those little bumps on my cheeks. I'm beginning to think that they could be clogged pores, possibly from my makeup? I'll have to ask my derm. They're only two very small clusters (like 3 or 4) barely noticeable lumps right under the surface of my skin. Right under the highest point of my cheekbones. Weird.

Side effects are the same. The inside of my nose is very dry, and my skin is getting a tiny bit drier now that my dose has been upped. Nothing unmanageable though.

Sunday is commencement, and Monday I get up bright and early to fly to Florida for a few days! My mom already bought me a big floppy hat and some 100spf sunblock. She's awesome. :wall: And I bought myself a Kindle as a graduation present, so I plan to use it while sitting in the shade at the beach! I'll also probably get a spray tan while I'm down there. I refuse to let Accutane ruin any part of my vacation. :think: