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How to deal with ACNE (part 1....what is acne)



OMG....i have strugled with acne since my teenage years started and to date i am now 22 years. Having acne is a problem, but the first step is to understand what acne is. Acne basically in layman terms is basically a malfunction in one of the methods which our bodies seem to use to dispose of used up hormones (testosterone). Now see the used up hormone attempts to exit through the pores of our skin from our sebacious glands in areas such as face, back and whereever the hell else you have acne. The substance excreated is called sebum. The areas which are more commonly noted for it breaking out on you is referred to as ur T zone. The problem begins when our sebacious glands become overactive and so much sebum ( which is made up of oil and hormones) is excreated that it clugs the pore through which it was passing. The first problem which results is white heads( the little white bumps formed by sebum which is not exposed to the surface because the pore is so blocked and small) or black heads (which is when the sebum is exposed to oxygen and becomes oxidised thus forming a black colour). These are basically the beginning and if u have these u have acne. Read my next blog entry which i will write soon to describe how this leads to bigger problems.................. Oh yea......my name is Ryan....im from Trinidad and Tobago and that is in the Caribbean so its a great climate to make acne worse :think: