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Month 4 Accutane!



Today i started my month four of accutane plus i had my first dose of 60 mg today! So far I haven't noticed any changes in my skin for the worse (thankfully) but i will keep you updated considering it is only day one of my higher dosage. Hopefully in a week i will see some changes! (for the better haha)

You're not supposed to go in the sun when you are on accutane, however today i was unintentionally stuck in the sun for about two hours. (i was sitting on the sunny side of the car and it was very humid i might add) So anyways i tried to block my face as much as possible but nothing bad has happened yet. And im not going to go in the sun again for that long just in case. If i do go in the sun i will use neutrogena sunscreen! with a high SPF just in case! :think:

That's all for now!