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Dry skin



I'm not actually sure anyone is reading my blogs but there is something i want to talk about today and that's dry skin.

I used to have bad forehead acne but that was the only place i ever got it. Recently, after taking yasmin bcp, i have broken out everrywhere. The thing is that i really dont think it's acne, i mean it looks more like a rash. My skin is SO dry since yasmin and i've found that when i get dry skin I also get a lot of little itchy whiteheads in those areas. They clear when my skin is moisturized but then sometimes out of the blue they just come back. Sure i get my fair share of some pimples but my main problem is these whiteheads. If anyone is reading this who knows anything about severe dry skin and what this problem is then PLEASE contact me. I almost find myself wishing that i had normal pimples so that i could get some medicine for it but it seems like the ones I have just make my face angrier and dryer.

I'm trying to clear an outbreak of them right now and its sad because i graduated on thursday and everyone is going out to celebrate tomorrow night and once again i think i'll have to sit alone at home instead because my face is waaay too bad to go out without makeup but if i put it on it just looks even worse. I'm just tired now, tired of being forced into hibernation by my stupid skin!

Mila xx