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Day 5



Ok so yesterday I drank 3 cups of green tea - I think I'm actually starting to like the taste ha!

I had a pretty stressful day at work yesterday and then when I got home I did have a sob over my acne, you really don't appreciate your nice skin until you don't have it any more! :think: Plus I got really sad about the fact I have all this makeup, bronzers and nice eyeshadows etc that I want to use but don't see the point as 1) it will just draw attention to me which is the opposite I want when my face is in this state and 2) I would still feel "ugly" if I made more of an effort anyway! Don't get me wrong I do wear makeup (no way I'd ever leave the house otherwise!) but I only use coverup and mascara.

Moving on to this morning I had 3 smallish white heads when I woke up :/ maybe I'm purging from the tea?? Although I think they were sort of heading that way before I started drinking the tea yesterday so maybe not. I'm NOT going to pick them though. I did notice however that some of my other red spots seemed to have dried up a bit and scabbed over more! I don't wanna be too optimistic but if that's the tea, WOW! I'm also going to try my hardest not to pick the scabs off and just leave them to drop off in their own time as even "helping" the scabs off seems to cause me to get more spots sometimes!

I had a cup of green tea this morning when I got up and also rubbed the teabag over my face afterwards so fingers crossed this will also help. I don't think drinking it on an empty stomach is the best idea though, I felt a bit nauseous for the next half hour!


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